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Mrs. Jaya Panchal is a housewife from a family with a common monetary condition. Since her childhood, she had a special attraction towards music,paintings, historical places, Rajwadi haveli's and Palaces. She was lucky enough to get married to Mr. Haresh Panchal – A painter who was always drawn towards such heritage properties and artistic establishments. Heralded from a simple business of sign board paintings, their hardwork and luck took a new leap and they entered into real estate business and along with it, they did debut in hotel business.

Due to enthusiasm in rajwadi havelis and historical places, they decided to create a heritage hotel like resort, so they visited small, local and important places in Rajasthan, studied minor details and built a mirror image model. Their daughter Himani – who happens to be an architect by profession made the designs for the resort more easy. They brought experts from Rajasthan who designed cemented precast models which further gave heritage and historical insights and thus came into existence – Rajgadhh Palace Resort.

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